AGENDA of the 2010 General Meeting

Day One / Session I

President’s Welcome & Call to Order

• Review of Procedures for the Meeting / Adoption of the Rules of Procedure for the conduct of the General Meeting

• Credentials Report / confirmation of Voting Delegates

• Minutes of the 2006 General Meeting at the Taiwan Congress > Questions & Discussion

• Statement of the President > Questions & Discussion

• Report of Council 2006-2010 > Questions & Discussion

• Presentation of the Financial Reports & Audited Statements > Questions & Discussion

• Report of the Nominating Committee > Questions & Discussion

o Presentations by candidates for open seats (Ballot to take place at the beginning of the second day / session

Other Business
Day Two / Session II

Call to Order

• Credentials Report

• Distribution of ballots for open seats > Voting for open seats

• Motion to approve the Minutes of the Previous Meeting

• Motion to accept the Auditors’ Report

• Report on the results of the ballot on open seat candidates

• Motion to adopt the report of the Nominating Committee (accept the slate as nominated)

Motion to adjourn (or continue in a third session)
The general meeting at this Congress will use the Meeting Procedures used at the last General Meeting (2006).
(The 2002-2006 Council agreed that because delegates come from different places with different ways of organising meetings, a common set of procedures for this meeting should be developed. The resulting ‘Meeting Procedures’ are attached to this agenda).
Please contact the Secretariat for a copy of the Meeting Procedures if required.

Note that the meeting will be held on two successive days, corresponding to two major parts. A third session will be held if necessary.
• Day One/ Session One: A discussion period, when items will be introduced, questions & comments invited, and potential changes proposed. If necessary, this may continue into the second session. If some issues are contentious, the President may appoint working groups to consider possible changes during the evening.
• Day Two/ Session Two: Each item will be revisited. If a working group has proposed changes to the item, these will be presented. The assembly will be asked to vote on the items proposed.

It is essential that all voting delegates attend both sessions so that they have had the chance to participate in the discussion, and hear all the arguments presented.

From the organisers
Thank you to everybody - organisers, participants, reporters - for a wonderful success!

IARF 2010

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